Thursday 1 March 2018

How to check for Opportunity Business Process Stage Changes in a Dynamics 365 Version 9 Workflow

In the new Dynamics 365 there are many Business Process changes.

There are times when you need to check for a Business Process Stage change in Opportunity out-of-the box entity. On the change of a Business Process Stage, you might need to run create/update a record.

The best way to achieve this is through a Synchronous workflow, on Opportunity, which checks

  • Either the "Stage Category" field value for the corresponding "Stage Id (Process Stage)" entity 
  • Or "Pipeline Phase" field value within Opportunity
Create a new Business Process on Opportunity. This Business Process will have 4 stages "Apply", "Estimation", "Documentation", "Approval".

Opportunity Business Process

Opportunity Stages

Let's say you need to execute certain steps for every business process stage. To perform this either create one Synchronous workflow with four check conditions or have four Synchronous workflows with one check condition each. Synchronous workflow below, on Opportunity, checks for stage "Approval".

Synchronous workflow with Approval Stage Check

Also, in the Synchronous workflow select the field "Pipeline Phase on change of which the workflow will be executed.

Select "Pipeline Phase" field from "Records Fields Change"

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  1. We just upgraded our version to 9.0 (online) and we traditionally checked for process stages via the methods you outlined above. Now, however, it appears that the information is not updated/stored. We have tried this for both out of the box and custom entities. When we check the entity in advanced find and include the fields for the related 'process stage' entity (stage name ,stage caterogy, etc.) they are all blank. Any ideas?