Saturday, 31 March 2018

What’s new in Project Service Automation in Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Update 9.0.2

The Spring ‘18 release of Project Service includes multidimensional pricing capabilities, GDPR and accessibility enhancements, and a new user experience with the app built on the Unified Interface framework.

Project Service is available for Private Preview to select members of the Dynamics 365 for Project Service Insiders program starting in April 2018.

Main features and enhancements in Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release:

Project Service app enhancements

The Project Service app helps sales and delivery teams engage customers and deliver billable projects on time and within budget. Project Service helps organizations:

  • Estimate, quote, and contract work.
  • Plan and schedule tasks.
  • Assign resources and balance utilization.
  • Improve team coordination and collaboration.
  • Capture and approve time, expenses, and progress.
  • Invoice in line with contractual expectations.
  • Track financials and monitor overall performance.

Built on the Unified Interface framework

With the Spring ’18 release, the Project Service app is built on the Unified Interface framework for improved user experience. The redesigned app delivers a consistent, uniform user interface, and follows responsive design principles for optimal viewing on any screen size or device.

Common Control Framework (CCF)

User interface controls use a Common Controls Framework (CCF) for consistency with other Dynamics 365 business applications. Controls follow consistent, familiar patterns on every surface in the application, making it easier for Project Service users to onboard and be productive.

Work breakdown structure (WBS) editable grid with Gantt visualization

The Spring '18 release introduces an editable grid with a Gantt visualization experience for the work breakdown structure (WBS), and removes the restriction that requires upfront booking of named resources to the project team before assigning them to tasks.

Project managers can assign named or generic resources to project tasks without a prior booking. Additionally, named resources can be created and assigned for any user of installed sales, service, field service, or project service apps. Formal booking or booking requests can then be executed after the project plan has been detailed.

This simplifies the project manager experience, and improves the range of scenarios where Project Service can be used to schedule work.

Schedule board list view

With the Spring ’18 release, the schedule board list view helps users interact with the schedule board using a list view to see data in a more meaningful way. For example, use the list view to work with bookable resources on the schedule board, or when searching for resource availability in hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly schedule board views.

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