Saturday 27 August 2011

ShoreTel Phone Systems and integrating it with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.....Awesome.....

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your ShoreTel business communications system to gain automated access to customer records each time you talk — enhancing caller satisfaction and agent productivity while reducing call response times and duration.

The ShoreTel Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration brings a new level of customizable, highly personal communication to customer interactions by combining voice capabilities with immediate access to comprehensive customer data.

1) Easy to install and intuitive to use
The application is designed to transition easily into daily business operations. Once installed, it works seamlessly, allowing your company to realize the benefits of integrated IP telephony without changing established procedures, roles, or workflows.
Instant access to customer data

Users can access complete customer information as an inbound or outbound call begins. Based on phone number search results, the application can provide screen pop notification, allowing CRM users to navigate to, or create, associated records with a mouse-click.
Highly configurable straight out of the box

Users can control how the software responds to calls and lookup results. Organizations, as well, can customize search settings for lookup of standard and custom CRM entities and attributes.

2) Preview functionality

Via screen pop notification, users can preview found entities before choosing to open a corresponding CRM record. An optional main window may be used to view and perform actions for active calls and associated CRM entities.
Simplifies agent workflow and tasks

A streamlined interface reduces manual tasks, boosting user productivity and contact quality. With a single mouse-click, a user can answer a ringing call while opening an associated CRM form, so there's no need to operate a telephone handset or speaker button.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Configuring IFD with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

As many of the early adopters have learned by now, configuring an Internet-facing deployment (IFD) has changed pretty drastically from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

So what changed?

1) First, the dependencies changed. In Dynamics CRM 4.0, we used forms-based authentication for IFD and in Dynamics CRM 2011 we instead take a dependency on claims-based authentication for IFD. Therefore, now it is necessary to install and configure a security token service (such as Active Directory Federation Services 2.0) and also to do more certificate management.

2) Second, configuration steps changed. In Dynamics CRM 4.0, an administrator had two options for configuring IFD. The first option was to specify the IFD settings in an XML configuration file at server installation time. The second option was to use the IFD Configuration Tool which was released out of band. In Dynamics CRM 2011, we made claims-based authentication and IFD configuration post-installation steps to obviate the need for the XML configuration file and built these wizards into our Deployment Manager tool. Administrators that would prefer to script IFD configuration can do so using the new Dynamics CRM PowerShell cmdlets.

These changes amount to a higher learning curve for configuring IFD for Dynamics CRM 2011.

I recommend that people looking to configure IFD first review the Dynamics CRM 2011 Configuring Claims-Based Authentication white paper which is posted on the same page as our Dynamics CRM 2011 Implementation Guide.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

TelephoneIntegration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

TelephoneIntegration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: New product on the Block: TelephoneIntegration

Telephone Integration for MS CRM 2011 connects your phone system (TAPI, Skype, OCS and/or Lync) with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Main functionalities are Click-to-Dial for outgoing calls. Incoming calls will be recognized and shows details of the caller. The new design improves the Microsoft Dynamics 2011 online and on-premise user experience by simplifying call handling.

Main Functionalities:

The Telephone Integration for MS CRM 2011 main user interface is provided by "Balloon" pop-ups. These pop-ups contain all client-side functionalities. The Call Box contains all details about the call (Duration, Direction) and the caller (Name, Location) information. The information to be shown can be configured by the CRM administrator. The Context-menu provides several CRM-functionalities such as: open regarding CRM-records; creating new entity or activity records (e.g. accounts, contacts, phone activities )

Integrated Search
It is possible to directly search CRM records (accounts, contacts, users, etc.) within the balloon. Therefore there is no need to open CRM to start an outgoing call. Next to this it is possible to search the call history.

Telephone Integration for MS CRM 2011 keeps detailed track on previous calls. This allows to analyze calling times and and quickly call back by selecting any previous phone call. Additionally, the history search allows users to create contacts, account, phone call activities after the fact (click on the Screenshot to enlarge).

Ti supports direct connection to the phonesystem (requires TAPI driver, TAPI2 and TAPI3 supported),OCS (Microsoft Office Communication Server, Lync) and Skype to perform calls.

Friday 19 August 2011

TenDigits MobileAccess is the leading mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM...

MobileAccess is easy to deploy, configure, and use - plus it also runs brilliantly on multiple mobile device platforms and all versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

MobileAccess securely extends your Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration and capabilities onto smartphones and tablets in the hands of mobile workers and executives. MobileAccess combines a superior user experience with powerful capabilities and an integrated device experience, unmatched adaptability, and manageability.

MobileAccess is designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With MobileAccess, your users can access all data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, no matter how much your implementation is customized. And by leveraging views, roles and personalization, MobileAccess is uniquely capable of providing a similar experience users have on their desktop for Dynamics CRM. MobileAccess is the leading mobility CRM solution certified by Microsoft on Dynamics CRM for today’s smartphones and tablets.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace: Find Solution Extensions Within CRM

The marketplace allows customers to quickly search, discover and apply industry-specific applications and solution extensions from Microsoft and its partners to help them accelerate and extend their CRM and ERP implementations. Essentially it is a win-win for both partners and customers. Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace integrated within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, allowing customers to search for applications directly from within their CRM solution.

The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is powered by Microsoft Pinpoint. This Dynamics-specific marketplace leverages the capabilities of the Pinpoint platform to deliver a relevant and easy-to-use experience to Dynamics partners and customers direct through the web or, in the case of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, embedded within the solution.

Initially, it will be a searchable repository of downloadable custom solutions and extensions to help accelerate and/or extend the value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and on-premises deployments. Publishers of solutions can get also more detailed web analytical information about their listings. In the future, Marketplace will provide e-commerce and offer financial transaction capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and on-premise, as well as Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

HTML5 and the impact on Dynamics CRM

It is fifth revision of the HTML standard and HTML 5 is still under development. Every CRM techno-Evangelist should know about HTML5 as the future client Internet Explorer 10 will support HTML 5. 


Read through this insightful article

Sunday 14 August 2011

Prometric has gone an extra mile to extract dollars from certification givers!!! I don't believe to what they just did.

I recently registered for Dynamics CRM 2011 Configuration exam. From beginning and till few months back Prometric only charged SGD 225 for 1 Exam sitting. We had the flexibility to re-schedule as many times as we liked. This re-scheduling was without any penalty. Now Prometric has started charging SGD 43 for every re-scheduling.

Has anyone faced this recently? Why earn money from us?

Recently Microsoft raised the exam fees from SGD 225 to SGD 246. After this increase and paying $43 for every reschedule is too much.

Not happy at all. This is burden on my pockets with limited earnings and having to self-funding my own certifications.