Wednesday, 24 August 2011

TelephoneIntegration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

TelephoneIntegration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: New product on the Block: TelephoneIntegration

Telephone Integration for MS CRM 2011 connects your phone system (TAPI, Skype, OCS and/or Lync) with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Main functionalities are Click-to-Dial for outgoing calls. Incoming calls will be recognized and shows details of the caller. The new design improves the Microsoft Dynamics 2011 online and on-premise user experience by simplifying call handling.

Main Functionalities:

The Telephone Integration for MS CRM 2011 main user interface is provided by "Balloon" pop-ups. These pop-ups contain all client-side functionalities. The Call Box contains all details about the call (Duration, Direction) and the caller (Name, Location) information. The information to be shown can be configured by the CRM administrator. The Context-menu provides several CRM-functionalities such as: open regarding CRM-records; creating new entity or activity records (e.g. accounts, contacts, phone activities )

Integrated Search
It is possible to directly search CRM records (accounts, contacts, users, etc.) within the balloon. Therefore there is no need to open CRM to start an outgoing call. Next to this it is possible to search the call history.

Telephone Integration for MS CRM 2011 keeps detailed track on previous calls. This allows to analyze calling times and and quickly call back by selecting any previous phone call. Additionally, the history search allows users to create contacts, account, phone call activities after the fact (click on the Screenshot to enlarge).

Ti supports direct connection to the phonesystem (requires TAPI driver, TAPI2 and TAPI3 supported),OCS (Microsoft Office Communication Server, Lync) and Skype to perform calls.

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