Friday, 19 August 2011

TenDigits MobileAccess is the leading mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM...

MobileAccess is easy to deploy, configure, and use - plus it also runs brilliantly on multiple mobile device platforms and all versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

MobileAccess securely extends your Microsoft Dynamics CRM configuration and capabilities onto smartphones and tablets in the hands of mobile workers and executives. MobileAccess combines a superior user experience with powerful capabilities and an integrated device experience, unmatched adaptability, and manageability.

MobileAccess is designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With MobileAccess, your users can access all data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, no matter how much your implementation is customized. And by leveraging views, roles and personalization, MobileAccess is uniquely capable of providing a similar experience users have on their desktop for Dynamics CRM. MobileAccess is the leading mobility CRM solution certified by Microsoft on Dynamics CRM for today’s smartphones and tablets.

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