Wednesday 22 November 2017

How to get started with 30-Day Free Online Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 Trial

You can easily create a 30-day free online 'Dynamics 365 version 9.0' trial through Microsoft.

1) Go to

2) Click on "Get Started".

Microsoft Online CRM Trial Page

3) Select a relevant Dynamics 365 app. For example, I selected "Dynamics 365 for Sales". If you are creating this ORG in your company Office 365 tenant, enter your work email and phone number. I am creating a personal ORG for myself. Therefore, I will select "Sign up here".

Select an App

3) Enter your name, personal email, phone number, company name, language and organization size. Click on "Next".

Enter your Details

4) Select a username and password. These will be used to connect to Office 365 Portal and Dynamics 365. The first part of username before @ sign will be used to create the Dynamics 365 URL. Click on "Create my account".

Select User ID and Password

5) To prove that you are not a robot, enter your phone number to receive a code. The code can be texted to your mobile number. Click "Text me".

Get Code

6) Enter the code and click "Next".

Enter Code

7) Your personal Office 365 Portal will be created. Click and go to the next step.

Setting up Office 365 Portal

8) After Office 365 Portal setup, you can create a new Dynamics 365 trial ORG. Select the language, apps and default currency. For my purpose, I selected English as language, all apps and USD as default currency.

Settings for Dynamics 365

9) Wait for few minutes. This will set up a brand new Dynamics CRM 365 Version-9 30-day trial ORG. After completing the setup you will be redirected to Dynamics 365 ORG.

The path to your ORG would be
https://<<your user ID part before @ sign>>

Dynamics 365 Version 9.0

10) Click on arrow next to Dynamics 365 to view available apps as selected during setup. In my case, I have Dynamics 365 apps for Sales, Customer Service, Project Service and Field Service.

Dynamics 365 Apps

11) You can go to Office 365 portal to use other services like Office and SharePoint.

Office 365 Portal

You can repeat these steps to create multiple test Dynamics 365 ORGs.