Saturday 31 March 2018

What’s new in Sales in Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Update 9.0.2

The capabilities in the Spring ’18 release empower your sales team with more intelligence and analytics, deeper integrations with LinkedIn and Office 365, and consistent user experience for web, mobile, and clients using the Unified Interface framework.

Main features and enhancements in Sales for Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release:

Sales intelligence (Embedded intelligence)
  • Relationship assistant
  • Auto data capture
  • Email engagement

Embedded intelligence lets sellers focus on selling

Embedded intelligence (previously known as Relationship Insights) collects, manages, and analyzes the diverse data and communications throughout the sales process, and then automatically suggests relevant actions and captures relevant activities to let salespeople spend more time selling.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Insights add-on (Relationship analytics)
  • Relationship health - Relationship analytics helps salespeople manage the opportunities pipeline by analyzing relationships and presenting data and insights about the health of customer relationships. Relationship Analytics includes sentiment analysis to enhance relationship health calculations.
  • Sentiment health - Sentiment health analyzes customer interactions and signals to inform salespeople how satisfied their customers are with their relationship.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (SNAP) controls on forms
  • LinkedIn profile pictures for contact records synchronized with Sales Navigator

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