Saturday 31 March 2018

What’s new in Marketing in Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Update 9.0.2

Dynamics 365 for Marketing delivers comprehensive capabilities for creating and running multi-channel campaigns to generate leads for your sales team using simple drag-and-drop design tools. The application includes event management, lead management, embedded intelligence for segment targeting, lead scoring, and interactions insights.

The marketing application is built on the same platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales, so your marketing and sales teams share common information and business processes to help them collaborate closely throughout the sales cycle.

Main features and enhancements in Marketing for Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release:

Multi-channel campaigns with personalized customer journeys
  • Customer journey designer - Use a drag-and-drop designer to set up a customer journey that guides your buyer based on how they engage during campaigns.
  • High-volume email - Send email with dynamic content, and respond to interactions such as opens, forwards, clicks, and bounces.
  • Bring in and nurture leads using a connector to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Content creation
  • Template-driven design process - Includes professionally designed templates for emails and marketing pages, with customizable color palettes and support for custom templates.
  • Email designer - Use a graphical tool for creating personalized emails with dynamic content.
  • Marketing page designer - Use a graphical tool to create web pages with forms for collecting information from new and existing contacts.
  • Email previews - Quick in-browser preview of responsive designs, plus third-party Litmus integration for pixel-perfect email inbox previews.

Event management
  • Manage and track event registration and attendance.
  • Comprehensive event logistics - Manage speakers, venues, sponsors, session schedules, event passes, and more.
  • Webinars - Integration with the ON24 webinar service enables global participation in both web-only and hybrid live/web sessions.
  • Comprehensive event portal – Makes it easy for attendees to view speaker bios, review the session schedule, register for events and sessions, and manage their event calendar.

Lead management
  • Lead generation - Generate and manage leads throughout the customer journey.
  • Multiple lead scoring - Set up automated scoring rules to help identify your hottest leads, with multiple models running concurrently, and automatic forwarding to sales when ready.
  • Score leads based on behavior, demographics, and firmographics.

Embedded marketing insights
  • Analyze all interactions recorded for each lead and customers.
  • In-place insights - View relevant interaction records for each customer journey, email message, and landing page for easy drill-down.


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