Saturday, 31 March 2018

What’s new in Voice of the Customer (VoC) in Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Update 9.0.2

The Spring ‘18 release of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution includes cascade deletion of surveys, survey translation enhancements, the ability to dynamically insert question responses into subsequent questions, and improved analytics capabilities with the Voice of the Customer Analytics content pack for Power BI.

Main features and enhancements in Voice of the Customer (VoC) for Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release:

Cascade deletion of surveys

When a user deletes a survey, the dependent entities of the survey are also deleted. Any required actions needed for deleting a survey are displayed on the screen for easy resolution.

Restore configuration of Voice of the Customer

Admins can repair or restore the configuration if it is accidentally deleted or misconfigured.

Survey translation enhancements

Survey translation files are validated for any missing translated strings or incorrect HTML formatting when a survey is previewed or published. Error logs identify which strings in the translation file have issues. Users are able to translate the survey link text in the invitation email to personalize it for the respondent’s locale by providing the language as input in the survey snippet.

Personalize surveys by dynamically adding customer responses into questions

Personalize a survey by inserting the response to a question into subsequent questions and response option texts, using the Answer Tag field. When building the survey, provide a value for the Answer Tag for the first question, and then use the same value in the subsequent questions.

Enable self-troubleshooting

Self-troubleshooting makes it easier for administrators and survey designers to identify issues with the configuration of surveys. Validation tests verify the survey configuration or the survey itself, depending on the context. Results are displayed on-screen with the option to download a log file.

Voice of the Customer analytics using Power BI

The Voice of the Customer Analytics content pack for Power BI enables organizations to glean insights about surveys and responses. Administrators or survey designers can track metrics, such as average Net Promoter Score (NPS), average customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, and response ratio. The dashboard and reports provide charts and analytics for survey questions, and allow users to explore and analyze survey data.

Survey page accessibility

The portal used by survey respondents to submit their responses is accessible for users who require assistive technologies to interact with the survey page.

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