Thursday, 29 November 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Market in Australia

There are many times when Dynamics CRM professionals from all across the globe have asked me my view points on the Dynamics CRM market in Australia. The queries come in different forms of questions like:

  • Is it possible for an experienced person like me (in Microsoft Dynamics CRM) to get a job in Australia
  • Being a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Analyst can I immigrate to Australia
  • What is the market in Australia like for Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer
  • Are there many companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Australia

In this very brief and precise blog I will try to answer the questions above. My answers are based on my experiences as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions Architect working in Australia. Most of my career I have worked in Australia. Currently I am working for NEC in the Melbourne office. I have worked in different companies and different places. Within Australia I have worked in Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne. Prior to my current work in Melbourne I was working in Singapore for 2 years. This blog is for the benefit for all the Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals who would like to work in Australia.

Coming to the topic at hand, "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" in Australia. Australian economy is very good as compared to its counterpart economies like US, UK and Germany. Australian economy is going "OK" because it is a small economy. As compared to many developed economies, Australian population and its GDP are very small. Having a small population and hence a small Dynamics CRM workforce has its own advantages and dis-advantages. For companies it becomes very hard to find the right skill set. This in turn is good for Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals as they can demand high wages.

MS CRM in Australia is used mostly by small to mid-size customers. There are few large scale or enterprise level Dynamics CRM projects. It is very rare to see Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects which are more than AUD 15 Million. There are lots of small to medium scale projects in Dynamics CRM. 

There are many technology companies providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultancy and services in Australia. Among these major players are:
The market for Dynamics CRM architects and consultants is good, but again the overall jobs advertised are decreasing by month (as per statistics). If you are a good Dynamics CRM Architect or CRM consultant who has lots of experience in third party integration then you are in demand. Also if you are an all-rounder Dynamics CRM expert having experience in almost all the facets of customizing CRM/xRM, then you are in demand. If you are a top end Microsoft Dynamics CRM business analyst with good communication skills, you are preferred. Any Microsoft Dynamics CRM pre-sales experience is very much in demand.

Overall companies here prefer local candidates as the costs and time associated with overseas candidates are very high. If a company cannot find any good candidates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they train someone in house.

If you are an outsider and want to work in Australia in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then the options are limited. Australia till last year was open to work permits and immigration. As of now both are greatly reduced. First try the immigration route, if applicable. Australia has points based immigration system. As an immigrant and having experience in Dynamics CRM, it is very easy to land in a good job.

Companies now-a-days prefer the path of work permit if right calibre resources are not available within the country. If you are not currently in Australia and are working as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional elsewhere, then try securing a job first. Try to find suitable roles in job portals. The most widely used job site is Almost every company will advertises their Microsoft Dynamics CRM jobs on this site. You can apply for jobs where a job specification doesn't specify that "only local candidates need apply". So I would suggest the easy way would be to look for jobs and apply to them. If the companies don't find local people, then you might get lucky. You never know, a company can be eager to sponsor you.

If you pass the company interviews and the company is willing to hire you, then you can negotiate your salary and relocation. Companies are not giving much relocation assistance. They will definitely cover visa and air tickets cost, but nothing else. This is mostly the case but again there are companies which would be willing to pay part or full relocation depending on your calibre and the requirement.

I hope this blog about 'Microsoft Dynamics CRM Market in Australia' was informative. Please feel free to leave your comments. 

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