Thursday 24 May 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Update Rollup 9 Beta or Q2 2012 Service Update or R8

The beta version of the upcoming update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Update Rollup 9 (UR9) or Q2 2012 Service Update or R8, also known as "CRM Anywhere", was released on May 9, 2012.

Call it what you want but it is here! The beta release only includes on-premises version of the next release of CRM. This release includes support for multiple browser types and many other great features. This beta release is primarily targeted at developers and partners.

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This beta release is for test purposes only, and not for production usage. There is no migration path from the beta to the final release. If you are currently using Dynamics CRM, and you don’t have a test environment available, you may want to consider moving to a partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Support for three additional web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari) is included in the UR9 beta. You can use the weeks before Microsoft releases UR9 as an opportunity to test any Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations and configurations in these browsers. Web applications of all types can sometimes render differently in different browsers, with customizations and configurations in Dynamics CRM being no exception.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is also included in the UR9 beta. If you have a production or test environment of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 available, you should connect it with your UR9 Dynamics CRM test environment. If there are any issues with your configuration, you’ll be able to discover them and resolve them ahead of time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile is not supported in the beta update, although it will be supported in the final update.

Where can you get the beta release?
The bits are available on Microsoft Connect site. Please follow the steps below to get access.


You can post all questions on the Connect discussion group linked above in step #4. 

My above blog is based on information provided by " writing team" and "Girish Raja's MSDN Blog".

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  1. Can you provide some information about the new chart types within this Rollup?

  2. Hi,

    It is not defined yet, in the release preview guide for Q2 2012 Service Update (Update Rollup 9 Beta / R8):

    For other features, you can read through the above Release Preview Guide PDF. I myself haven't tried any reports and charts after installing Update Rollup 9 Beta.