Sunday, 1 April 2018

What’s new in Talent – Onboard in Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Update 9.0.2

The focus for Spring '18 updates has been to streamline onboarding at the department level through more robust templates, reporting, and automation. Based on customer feedback, Onboard has been enhanced with collaborative capabilities to allow more individuals to create and implement onboarding experiences. Onboard now also includes template authoring workflows to enable template updates to be rolled out to all instances instantiated from the template.

Main features and enhancements in Talent – Onboard for Dynamics 365 Spring 18 Release:
  • Customizable welcome emails
Managers can personalize the welcome email sent to their new hires when it’s time to onboard. This creates a personal touch and improves email response rate.
  • Due date placeholders
Managers can insert due date placeholders as an offset from a new hire’s start date, such as two weeks after the start date or three days before. Due dates are updated automatically if the new hire’s start date is changed.
  • Export to Excel
Hiring managers can export all the guides they create or contribute to an Excel file that can be used for reporting and Power BI.
  • Import (Public Preview)
Hiring managers can import content from other guides or templates to ensure that the latest content is always reflected. This helps them get started quickly and makes it easier to include the latest content from their manager or department leader. 

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