Sunday 15 December 2019

Introduction to Azure Stream Analytics

Azure stream analytics are truely real-time analytics, from the cloud to the edge. Azure Stream Analytics is designed to analyze and process high volumes of fast streaming data from multiple sources simultaneously.

The simplicity of Azure Stream Analytics is that it uses familiar SQL syntax and is extensible with JavaScript and C# custom code.

Basics of Azure Stream Analytics

Azure stream analytics solutions will always have input, query, and output.

Basics of Azure Stream Analytics

Advantages of Azure Stream Analytics
  • Ease of creating analytics pipelines
  • Can be used for complex and large workloads
  • As a cloud service, Stream Analytics is optimized for cost
  • Can be used on the Edge
  • Built-in machine learning (ML) models to shorten time to insights
  • Azure Stream Analytics has built-in recovery capabilities in case the delivery of an event fails
  • Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed serverless (PaaS) offering on Azure
  • Azure Stream Analytics encrypts all incoming and outgoing communications and supports TLS 1.2
  • Stream Analytics can process millions of events every second 
  • Stream Analytics can deliver results with ultra-low latencies

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