Sunday, 30 September 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Failure Recovery for Scenario: SQL Server Failure

To understand the failure-recovery procedures, you must examine several different scenarios to learn how restoration occurs in each case. For the scenario in this blog, total server failure is assumed. The following scenario contains information that shows the steps to ensure successful recovery for SQL Server failure.

If the computer that is running Microsoft SQL Server fails, you must restore the databases from backup, and then reassociate them with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment.

To recover from this failure, follow these steps:
  1. Install Windows Server 2008 and make sure that the computer is in the same domain as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011. In addition, you should use the same database name and disk structure. If you change either of these, you must take additional steps to correctly restore the SQL Server databases.
  2. Install SQL Server.
  3. If you have a valid backup of the master database, restore that backup.
  4. Restore the msdb database.
  5. Restore the MSCRM_CONFIG and OrganizationName_MSCRM databases.
  6. If Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Connector for SQL Server Reporting Services are also installed on the instance of SQL Server, restore the ReportServer and ReportServertempDB databases.
  7. If you restored the MSCRM_CONFIG database, you must run Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Setup and use the Connect to existing databases option on the Specify Deployment Options page. If you did not restore the MSCRM_CONFIG database and the database is functioning correctly, you can reconnect the organization database to the system. To do this, in Deployment Manager right-click the organization and select Disable, right-click the organization again, click Edit Organization, and then change the SQL Server value in the wizard.
This scenario is a worst-case situation, that is, total failure of the computer that is running SQL Server. In other circumstances, such as the failure of a disk, you may only have to restore a single database to recover the environment.

My above blog is based on Microsoft's Official information.
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